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Customer Development is the art and science of building sustainable customer relationships. It’s also at the heart of the services I offer and the businesses I lead.

My approach to Customer Development starts with making sure you understand the customer you’re trying to attract. That can be as simple as meeting current customers or prospects for coffee and learning more about their business and what’s keeping them up at night. (hint: it’s not the coffee). This is called ‘customer discovery’ and if you’re in serious customer discovery mode in a product development startup or enterprise initiative, you’re trying to find a “problem worth solving”.

Customer Development and the other services I offer can help you deliver more value to your customers and create a winning business.

Here is a comprehensive list of the services I offer:

  • Training: Lean Principles, Lean Thinking, Strategy-Execution (4DX), Lean Project Management Office (PMO), Customer Development, User Experience (UX)
  • Advisory Services: Executive Advisory, Vision and Strategy Development, Strategy-Execution using 4DX, Business Modeling, Culture/Team Development, Market/Channel Development, Private Equity Advisory, Board Advisory, Brand Development
  • Lean Development Services: Project Management using Agile, Customer Discovery, Product Development, Go-To-Market / Launch, Customer Creation and Validation

I am a strong proponent of lean practices and agile methodologies, particularly when used to bring innovation to market, share discoveries with fellow problem solvers, and find collaborative people and workspaces.

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